Public Health Observatory (PHO) Lead Areas

This is historic archive, please see the Public Health England website.

As well as serving its own regional users each Public Health Observatory (PHO) in England supports the others through its national lead role. PHOs have a national lead role in a key policy area to:

  • develop expertise and in-depth knowledge
  • provide a single point of contact and information source
  • publicise significant work
  • develop training programmes for health intelligence staff and public health researchers and practitioners
In addition to the lead policy areas (such as mental health, diabetes and cancer), each PHO takes on responsibility for linking with key national organisations or networks - such as the Healthcare Commission, the United Kingdom Association of Cancer Registries (UKACR), and the Audit Commission.

The South West Public Health Observatory's lead areas are:
The other PHOs' lead areas are:
For more information about Public Health Observatories, visit the the Public Health Observatories' website.