Cancer Analysis Team

We analyse data collected by the Cancer Registry to produce information and statistics on cancer in the South West, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight and to provide a regional clinical audit function. The analyses we produce are used to support improvements in cancer care and the development of cancer services within the region. We also run a number of cancer site specific study days aimed at health professionals within the region.

Analysis and information
We produce regular reports on cancer epidemiology that can be used by regional organisations to monitor trends in cancer incidence, mortality and survival. Such information can be used to support the implementation of national guidance and to inform programmes aimed at reducing inequalities in health outcomes.

Part of the Cancer Analysis Team’s function is to respond to requests for specific information and analyses of cancer registry data. Most requests are from health professionals based in NHS hospitals, NHS England and local authorities but information may also be provided to other interested parties according to strict confidentiality regulations.

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Clinical Audit
We conduct regional clinical audits to help improve the care of cancer patients by measuring clinical care against national guidelines and standards. The aim of our audits is to assist Cancer Networks in their task of developing cancer services.

The clinical audits are conducted by groups known as Tumour Panels, which are made up of clinicians, healthcare professionals and patients from across the region, with expertise in or experience of a particular type of cancer. Results of these clinical audits are circulated regionally among health professionals and also to the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, to contribute to the development of national guidance.

Site-specific audit contacts are:

Gynaecological, Haematological, Head and Neck, Neurological, Sarcoma, Skin, and Upper GI Cancer

Urological Cancer

Further information and resources
Cancer Data Resources
Current Analysis Projects
Cancer Factsheets
Reports and Publications

Details of forthcoming study days can be found on the Events section of the SWPHO web site.

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