The Urological Cancer Hub has moved
30 May 2012

The Urological Cancer Hub has moved and is now part of the National Cancer Intelligence Network (NCIN) website.

The Hub, which provides information and resources on urological cancers, has been moved to improve the manageability, accessibility and visibility of its content. It is also a natural move in preparation for transition to Public Health England, which supports greater alignment and integration of public health intelligence resources on the web.

The Urological Cancer Hub on the NCIN website will continue to provide health professionals and the public with information on urological cancers and their treatment. Data and statistics will continue to present the current picture and past trends of urological cancers in England, particularly through the interactive Urological Cancer Profiles.

The South West Public Health Observatory, as lead cancer registry for urological cancer, will continue to maintain the pages and resources to support the work of the urological cancer site-specific clinical reference group (SSCRG).

The Hub is aimed at a wide range of professionals working in the field of urological cancer, including NHS providers, commissioners, Cancer Networks, charities, urologists and other clinicians.

We welcome your feedback on this move and how we can improve the Urological Cancer Hub in the future. Please contact .